Sunday, 8 January 2012


Have been making conscientiously for the Big Project, but let myself have an hour or so off to make this lovely little collar, from a project in Mollie Makes magazine. It was surprisingly easy and I think comes up quite smart. Anything with leopard print is always FTW in my opinion.

I also really like these Vuitton metal collars:

I'm not sure they would be all that comfortable to wear, but there's something pleasingly kinky and sci fi about them. I'm thinking of making a black collar with spikes, in a nod to the spiked dogcollars I used to wear in my gothy days. Apparently there's such a thing as "soft punk" en vogue at the moment, which kind of takes all of the fun out of it.

Went to see "The Artist" last night - it's the story of a young ingenue given her first step to success by a preposterously handsome matinee star during the late 1920s. But he is a star of silent movies and refuses to join in the mania for the "talkies". As his celebrity wanes, hers grows, and it seems like their love can never be.

It's one of the most wonderful, warm, heart-breaking and imaginative films I have ever seen - and the costumes are fabulous. I sigh for the days when men wore top hats and tails and girls styled their hair just so.

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