Thursday, 19 January 2012


My life at the moment is feeling a bit like these reels of ribbon from that den of temptation, the Berwick Street Cloth Shop in Soho. Organised on the surface - but any minute any of those colourful ribbons could get tangled and knotted and then where would we be?

This rather convoluted metaphor basically means that I have lots of projects on, some secret, some not, but all pretty exciting, and they will be shared very soon...

One thing I can talk about happened over green tea and these rather lovely chrysanthemums, which I didn't notice until later are parked rather incongruously in a pint glass:

At said cafe table a good friend of mine asked me if I wanted to be her bridesmaid. After all the squee-ing I am still feeling incredibly touched and happy, and am secretly hoping to have to wear some kind of satin meringue which I can roll my eyes over but quietly enjoy flouffing around in. 


  1. I think they are carnations ;-)

  2. Satin meringue a la pouffe, you say... Could be arranged!